If nothing else, the NSAC’s statewide ban on TRT is a positive step forward, especially with the UFC’s blessing

In case you haven’t heard, the Nevada State Athletic Commission officially banned testosterone replacement therapy, better known as TRT, throughout the state. This means that any fighter participating in any athletic event, whether it be MMA or anything else, cannot receive an exemption for the controversial treatment. Al a result, arguably the face of TRT lately, UFC middleweight title challenger Vitor Belfort, will not be allowed to be on it when he fights champion Chris Weidman at UFC 173 on May 24. The move has been lauded by the masses.

The biggest aspect of this is that the UFC will no longer allow TRT either, according to UFC president Dana White. He called it “a great day for the sport”, and it very well is. No longer will notable TRT users such as Vitort Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, or any others will be allowed to use it. Other major MMA promotions such as Bellator, World Series of Fighting, Invicta FC, and ONE FC(for obvious geographical reasons) have never held events in the state, but they may implement this ruling into their companies as well

All being said, there are some other  bright points to this development as well. For one, the NSAC is considered to be the most notable athletic commission of all, so this ruling could cause other state and national commissions to alter their stance on TRT as well, regardless of how promotions may feel about it. Let’s not forget the other major combat sport that has considered Vegas its home for several decades: boxing. All of a sudden, we may have less worries about “cheating” in boxing as well.

Sure, all of this can still be bypassed if fighters find other ways to cheat, but no one thing can deny that the NSAC’s decision was a step in the right direction. Cheating by other means may increase in a variety of sporting events in Nevada, but the most controversial one has been snipped. If other commissions follow suit, it will be even better. No longer will we have to defame fights involving big names such as Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and others, due to TRT. In the end, this is a gigantic deal,and with the UFC’s backing,  this ban could spring into a global decision relatively soon.


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