Legacy FC 29 review: Buontello robbed, Garcia fight cancelled, Brookins prevails.

Every weekend, even when there isn’t a Bellator card on display, I get to enjoy live MMA. Thanks to AXS TV’s Friday nights, I get to enjoy watching the best MMA show on the planet(Inside MMA), followed by some entertaining MMA action from smaller organizations such as RFA, CFA, MFC, formerly TItan FC, Lion FIght, and a promotion who’s events I’ve attended several times, Legacy FC. These promotions feature rising prospects, former stars, and several fighters in between.

Occasionally, I write about these events after the card ends, if enough storylines peak my interest. That was the case with Legacy 29. While I failed to write a preview/prediction article on the card, there was enough that came out of it to provoke a review article from me. Let’s take a look back at a card that featured a robbery in a title fight, a postponed title fight, and a slick submission, all featuring former UFC fighters.

The Headhunter get’s robbed.

In a title fight that was expected to go in favor of former UFC heavyweight title challenger Paul Buontello (33-16), the 40-year-old won the stand up exchanges, or so it seemed. Two judges failed to see it that way, and gave Myron Dennis (10-2) a victory that had the fans up in arms. Buontello dominated the first round, was pretty good in the second, and was better in the final three. Unfortunately, two judges scored the bout 49-46 against him, in what was a truly horrific decision. Perhaps a rematch should be in plans for the near future.

Leonard Garcia doesn’t fight.

In arguably the most anticipated bout on the card, one in which former UFC jester turned Legacy star Leonard Garcia (18-11-1) was to defend his featherweight belt, no action took place in the cage. That’s because challenger Shane Howell fell ill just hours before the card, and the fight was cancelled/postponed. It’s a bummer that Garcia didn’t fight, but hopefully his next fight occurs soon.

Brookins triumphant in MMA return.

A few years ago, Jonathan Brookins (14-6) was looking like a future UFC star, after beating the recently resurgent Michael Johnson for the TUF 12 crown. Unfortunately, a 1-3 record since then resulted in him retiring from the sport for a little over a year. Despite the fact that he was heavily favored against Cody Fuller, the former TUF winner’s victory is still a notable one.


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