UFC Fight Night 39 Review, headlines and pick evaluations.

After a much needed three week vacation, the UFC returned with a fight pass event that featured a few notable names, but an overall “meh” card. As is often the case with most cards that lack buzz, it exceeded expectations. Clay Guida and Tatsuya Kawajiri delivered an awesome fight(at least it sounds like it), Big Nog got knocked out as expected, fouls were abound, and Ramsey Nijem looked impressive.

I wasn’t able to post my predictions for the card last night due to internet issues, but here they are for you to see:, with my record of fight picking for the card, in reverse order:

Roy Nelson 1st round tko (1-0),Kawajiri by split decision (1-1), LaFlare by split decision (2-1), Nijem by unanimous decision (3-1), Rosholt by gassed out decision (4-1), Leites by 2nd round submission (5-1), Alers by 2nd round sub (6-1), Yahya by unanimpus decision (6-1-1), Craig by unanimous decision (fight cancelled). So, I got basically every fight right, and the only ones I got wrong went down to the wire( Kawajri/Guida), or ended in a no contest ( Yahya/Bedford).

Granted, it wasn’t the toughest card to predict, but it was a pretty decent one. Of course, I couldn’t watch it, especially since I am a Big Nog fan who could see the KO coming from a mile away. Anyways, here are my top headlines for the card.

Roy Nelson predictably smashes “Minotauro” Nogueira, possibly resulting in Nog’s retirement.

The moment this fight was announced, I shuddered. I am admittedly a gigantic Big Nog fan, and it was obvious how this fight was going to go. Big Nog’s only hope in this fight, his jiu jitsu, is something that “Big Country” is also a specialist at. Both guys are black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The big difference in the two is not only their size, but also Nelson’s elite knockout punch.

Go figure, that’s exactly what ended the night for the Brazilian MMA star. He has now lost five of his last eight fights, and three of his last four. He’s not getting any younger, and his skills, as well as his chin, have been deteriorating over the years. The man has nothing left to prove, and if he doesn’t retire or get cut as a result of this fight, his next will likely be his last.

Kawajiri and Guida engage in epic fight.

Make no mistake, the UFC had two reasons for making this fight: either to make Clay Guida (31-14) look exciting again, or get him out of the UFC, if “The Crusher” were to win. Guida responded with a big win that was a close, enthralling fight throughout. Here’s hoping he continues to fight this way, which is what got him to become so popular in the first place.

Ryan LaFlare’s victory overshadowed by horrifying low kick.

Let’s be real, nobody likes seeing kicks to the groin. Whether you are male or female, they look and feel painful, whether it happens to you or anyone else. Well, that’s exactly what happened when John Howard fought Ryan LaFlare (11-0). LaFlare landed a low blow that had an effect not only on Howard, but seemingly every viewer long after the fight. LaFlare is a terrific, well rounded fighter who fights often (four fights since last April), but that kick overshadowed anything else he did inside the octagon earlier today.



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