To all the Michael Sam bashers: SHUT UP!!

On Saturday evening, the St. Louis Rams made history. With the 249th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, they selected a talented individual who, despite being incredibly one dimensional, should have been drafted about 150 picks earlier. When they drafted Michael Sam, his reaction was as raw and emotional as a draft reaction could possibly be.

The tears were palpable, the emotion razor sharp. However, that’s not what caught the attention of most people. No, the media ran with the kiss between he and his boyfriend. While I feel like the media overdid it by showing it constantly (too much of anything is a bad thing), it was the reaction of some people that really grinds my gears.

Who cares if he and his boyfriend kissed? It’s 2014 ladies and gentlemen, not 1914! If people are opposed to seeing two men kiss, shouldn’t they feel just as disgusted by two women kissing? What about a man and a woman? Why is it okay for such an activity to be portrayed throughout the planet, but two men is unacceptable?

I love children, but for people to hate on Sam for showing an unexpected kiss between two men, because the network put the camera in the place where Sam was at the time, while the people complaining had it on that chanel, with children watching, is unbearably stupid. It’s even stupider than Josh Gordon before a drug test!

Marshall Henderson, one such person, needs to grow up. Children are pure and innocent, but if gay people aren’t, neither is anyone else. I personally am not gay, nor have I ever engaged in any same-sex activity. I must admit, I was a bit surprised by the kiss as well. However, I am not unabashinlgy disgusted by the act, just the same way I am not opposed to two women or a man and a woman locking lips.

If children are taught that a man and a woman kissing is okay, why can they not be taught the same between same sex individuals? Teaching the opposite is what’s keeping bigotry and discrimination due to sexual orientation alive and fruitful to this day. If people are opposed to two same-sex individuals kissing, they should stop acting as if they are okay with homosexuality. Such people should no longer be able to make their cake and eat it too.

As for Sam, the Rams got a steal. He’s a third round pick, due to his innate ability to rush the passer. Unfortunately, his one dimensionality would’ve kept him from going in the first two rounds. It didn’t matter much at the end of the day, since every single team, including the Rams, passed on him several times.

Alas, you do you, Michael Sam. I don’t give a damn about your sexual orientations, and I sure as heck am not a Rams fan. All I want is for you to be successful in your career, which is all I wish for any player I watched in college to do. If you handle your business on the gridiron, I doubt anyone on your team will have any issues with you then. Hopefully, fans of the game, bigots or not, will feel the same, at some point in the near future.


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