Mike Pantangco: MMA’s newest class act.

For the past six-plus years, Inside MMA has been a staple in my life. Every week, I enjoyed watching MMA highlights from around the world, as well as news, videos, humor, guests, etc. Basically, it’s been one of my favorite shows since it began airing in late 2007. Every once in a while, I see something amazing on there, and Mike Pantangco’s recent actions were perhaps the best thing I’ve ever seen on the show.

You see, Pantangco was utterly dominating his opponent, Jeremy Rasner, in an amateur MMA fight. The key word, ladies and gentlemen, is amateur. In other words, the fighters barely get paid anything, if at all, and usually, it’s the latter. For that exact reason, Pantangco did something that has never been seen in MMA before, and likely will never happen again: he tapped.

That’s right, in a fight he was dominating, Mike Panatgco tapped. He forfeited, and that’s not the most amazing part of the story. That honor goes to his explanation behind why he decided to tap. When Inside MMA contacted him to find out why exactly he did such a questionable thing, he had this to say:

“I just feel that there’s no point in fighting him because he didn’t train against me and I didn’t train for him and I just feel like we’re amateur fighters. We don’t get money. We don’t paid. And I know that the only I’m going to finish the fight is him to go to the hospital or get hurt. I just feel terrible so I’m just going to give him the win.”

That’s right, he tapped so that his opponent wouldn’t have to go to the hospital, especially when neither fighter would get paid. Nobody would benefit. That’s an ideology that most MMA fighters, nor MMA fans, ever have or put forth. This is a sport where the most notable promoter, Dana White, is a clear-cut “JUST BLEED” fanatic, who wants brutal action more so than anything else.

The move may be questionable at first, but after hearing his comments, it becomes much clearer just why Pantangco did what he did. It is a very honorable and courteous act, and serves as a reminder to MMA fans that fighters are not vicious, cannibalistic monsters. THey are human beings with heart and wisdom, and some are willing to give in for the better good of their opponents.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, but I really feel this way. I salute you, Mike Pantangco, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors, whether they are in MMA or not.


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