Kevin Durant is better than his comments, and he knows it.

On Sunday night, NBA fans throughout the world were in celebration mode, as the San Antonio Spurs had slain the dragon formerly known as “The Big Three”. Kawhi Leonard was now a young star. Unfortunately, Kevin Durant was in full-on butthurt mode.

It all began when a guy who called himself “God’s Gift” sent a tweet to Durant and, well, you can check out the dialogue for yourself.


Clearly, Mr. Durant wasn’t coming off as the classy, quiet guy most people had believed him to be. Instead of giving Leonard his due, Durant did anything but. Ultimately, he deleted the tweet.

On most occasions, such an action would wreak of cowardice. In this case, however, the benefit of the doubt has to be given. That’s because of Durant’s history, or lack thereof.

Durant really does seem to be a classy guy. Never before has he come of as anything close to what was showcased on Twitter Sunday night.

As far as can be seen, this was likely the classic “don’t press send” situation. Basically, Durant may have gotten caught up in the moment, seeing the team that had knocked him out of the playoffs win the NBA title with such ease.

Emotions can get the best of anyone, and with Durant, it’s hard to argue against the likelihood of that occurring. It’s hard to imagine most people realistically reacting in a manner less brash than what Kevin Durant spewed out. Heck, if anything, most people would’ve reacted in a much more harsh manner!

Hopefully, this was a blip and not a trend for Kevin Durant. Good luck to him in future seasons.

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