Tony Stewart deserves to be disciplined for his role in Kevin Ward’s death.

On August 9, tragedy struck the NASCAR community.

That fateful night, Kevin Ward Jr. died.

Ward was driving a car that hit a wall, and got out of his car as a result. A caution flag was instituted, which caused one driver to swerve and avoid crashing into Ward. However, the next car to come along, driven by star driver Tony Stewart, crashed into Ward.

Ward Jr. landed in the hospital as a result of his injuries, where he soon passed away at the extremely young age of 20.

It may well have been an accident, but it’s pretty hard to give a man with as much of a negative reputation as Stewart the benefit of the doubt, even in a case so serious.

As a result of the collision, Ward passed away, Stewart sat out a few races, and the NASCAR community mourned the death of a promising racer.

Stewart returned to racing this past weekend, and although he sounded utterly remorseful while reading a statement, that was it. No penalty was issued by NASCAR, and no charges are expected to be filed. But, should it be this way.

As stone cold as it may seem, I believe Stewart should be suspended by NASCAR. Here is a guy who may be a key face of the “sport” of car racing, but he killed a guy, whether it may have been an accident or not.

Stewart has been notorious for being hot-headed, and it is quite possible that his emotions may have fueled the incident. Do I believe they did? I honestly don’t know.

However, I do believe Stewart should be publicly disciplined. If the NFL can suspend Donte Stallworth for a full season for partaking in an accident that results in someone’s death, so can NASCAR against Tony Stewart.

Not even bothering to issue a fine towards Stewart sets a bad precedent in my book, and it is a bad look for NASCAR.


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