BREAKING NEWS: Thiago Silva terminated from his UFC contract.

Over the past month-and-a-half, two sports have been ravaged by domestic abuse headlines: football and MMA. Both have seen various notable athletes within their organizations rise up as perpetrators in truly heinous cases.

While the NFL may boast bigger names like Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy, the cases MMA has had to deal with are just as, if not more heinous. Because of this, former UFC and Bellator veteran Jon Koppenhaver, former UFC and WEC fighter Josh Grispi, WIll Chope and Thiago Silva rose up in headlines that nobody wants to be featured in. Now, it seems as if the latter of the four will be let go yet again.

In a statement released just about ten minutes ago, the UFC explained why they released Silva back on February 7th, why they re-signed him just 15 days ago, and why they terminated his contract yet again today. StatementObviously, this isn’t a good look for the UFC. Grispi and Koppenhaver had been out of the UFC for quite some time, while Chope was released back in late March for an incident that occurred years ago, and he had already been disciplined for.

Silva, however, was an active fighter for the UFC. He had been rising up the ranks of their Light Heavyweight division, and was considered a pretty exciting fighter for quite some time. However, as stupid as the UFC’s decision to bring him back was, the fact that they did mend their error should be credited to some degree.




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