Defending the NFL’s Week 16 Thursday Night Football matchup.

NFL fans, it’s Thursday night. Normally, this would mean that fans would be treated to at least a pretty good game on paper. Well the final Thrusday noght game is anything but. It features two teams that are a combined 4-24 on the season. That’s right, it’s two of the league’s worst teams, and it’s anything but “must see tv”. But, is there a way to justify the game? Allow me to try. Here’s five reasons why this matchup is at least somewhat defensible, or, at least, the few reasons I could somehow muster up.

Honorable mention:

The battle for the top pick. 

Ladies and gentlemen, both teams share the league’s worst record. As a result, the loser may get the “prise” of getting the 2015 NFL Draft’s top spot. The Titans need a quarterback, while the Jaguars need help everywhere. SO, this game could be hilarious.

5) Divisional matchup.

Believe it or not, both teams play in the AFC South. That’s surely insulting to anyone associated with the division, but that does mean these teams have some history. So, as tempted as they may be to get that top pick, losing to a horrible team that happens to play in the same division could coax each side to play hard.

4) It’s still NFL football.

As bad as these two teams are, they both are still in the NFL, for now. So, if you want some live football right now, this is your only option.

3) It could be a good game.

As poor as these two teams have played this season, they can still be competitive. They both have bad records, and there are no expectations, so the bar is low. As a result, this can be a good game, barring the records.

2) It does not affect the playoffs.

This reason is not about the game, as much as it is a meek effort to justify its placement on the primetime slot. You see, both teams were expected to suck this season. As a result, neither team has any playoff hopes remaining, nor did they. So, instead of having a potential playoff team having to play on short notice and hinder postseason hopes, the NFL decided to pit two teams that were not expected to do anything this season.

1) Two relevant games on Saturday night.

Remember a few years ago, when the NFL used to have Saturday night games late in the season? Well, the league is hosting two games this Saturday, and both games are still somewhat relevant. The Eagles play the Redskins on Saturday afternoon, and need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Then, on Saturday night, the San Diego Chargers need a win at San Francisco to keep their postseason hopes alive. The Chargers have succumbed lately, and the 49ers have been eliminated, but it should still be a good game. So, this game could be bad, but NFL fans will only have to deal with no football for one night, before the NFL hosts a Saturday doubleheader, a day prior to a loaded Sunday slate.


Oh, and game pick: Titans 14, Jaguars 22. 


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