UFC Light Heavyweight Champion tests positive for cocaine metabolite, checks in to rehab.

UFC 182 may have already happened, but smoke is still  blowing out.

Just two days after defeating former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier, news broke that UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones had in a tested positive for benzoylecgonine, the prime ingredient in cocaine.

On top of that, as a result of that December 4th test, Jones entered into a rehab facility. In a statement released to Yahoo Sports, who also broke the story, Jones said, asked for forgiveness, as well as privacy.

Despite the fact that cocaine is an illegal drug that’s considered a lot more dangerous than marijuana, it is not on the banned substances list, while marijuana is. That has some,  like former UFC fighter Matt Riddle screaming in uproar.

Both the UFC, as well as top sponsor Reebok, have decided to stand behind Jones. Both, as well as UFC president Dana White, commended him for entering rehab, without uttering a single word of criticism. That may be considered hypocritical by some, but it is what it is.

Also, since the metabolite is not a banned substance, the UFC will not punish him. Others who may not be as high profile and profitable likely would have been, but he’s getting off scot free.

Once more news breaks about the story, I’ll be sure to report on it.


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