Super Bowl 49: the biggest matchup

There are a lot of notable matchups that can be followed in football games. Like any other game, that’s the case here. Both teams have great quarterbacks, and laden defenses. Each squad has a running game that can be considered top notch, as well as secondaries that are elite. However, there is one matchup that truly deserves to be focused on more so than any other in this game: Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor vs. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Both men are elite in their own right, and command respect. Each is an All-Pro, meaning they are widely considered amongst the best, if not the best, at doing their job. This is the only matchup in the game featuring guys who are both elite, and the end result of who wins their battle could decide which team actually winds up winning the Super Bowl.

If there’s any tight end that commands more respect than any other in the NFL, it’s Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. This year, he caught 82 passes for 1,124 yards and 12 touchdowns. Against the Ravens in the Divisional Round, he caught seven passes for 108 yards and a touchdown, and was instrumental in the team’s 35-31 victory. Then, in the AFC Championship game, He only caught three passes for 28 yards, but did score a touchdown, and freed up room for other receivers to make plays. He is also a notable blocker.

Meanwhile, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor might be the best safety in the National Football League, after teammate Earl Thomas. However, he is likely going to be the one who has to face Gronkowski. He is known for dislodging balls, making bone-rattling tackles, and commandeering the middle of the field, while being an enforcer.

I believe both guys will have their moments, from start to finish. I see Gronkowski being in a tussle throughout the game, but I see him making about five catches, for about 50 yards, and at least one score, if not  two.


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