Super Bowl 49 prediction(s): Head vs. gut vs. reality.

Super Bowl 49 is here! The game features the two teams that wound up with the league’s top record, alongside many other teams. Still they were the top seeds in their respective conferences, and they should put on a big-time performance. Actually, it started an hour ago, but I was unable to finish the article in time. Regardless, this game is probably going to be a close one. I’ve already written various articles about it, but here are my picks for the game. That’s right, picks. Not one, not two, but three!  You’ll see what I mean.

Head prediction:

Honestly, I believe the Patriots will fare better than the Broncos did last year. They are similar, but unlike the Broncos, they are not a squad which plays fast. Instead, they prefer to take up the clock, weaken the defense, and strike. I see them doing the same here, and keeping it close. As for who wins, well, I’ll flip a coin and say Patriots 23 to 20. 

Gut Prediction:

I love dynasties. The Patriots are a dynasty. The Seahawks are looking to be a dynasty. They are the better defense and have been here more recently. And I believe they’ll get it done. Marshawn Lynch will run hard, the Seahawks will struggle early, get going in the third quarter, struggle late, but will prevail in the end. I see the Pats  leading early, then trailing by multiple possessions, and falling just short. Prediction: Patriots 24, Seahawks 26

Reality: Who knows what will happen? In reality, it will likely be a close, hard-fought affair. Ever “expert” I’ve seen has picked the game to be close, and within six points. Only one picked the end result to be in double digits, with the Pats winning 31-20. In reality, anything can happen. All subjectivity aside, the Patriots will likely win, and here’s why: They take up a lot of time, can score in bunches, and the Seahawks have been late starters all year long. If they start late again, I believe it will be to late.

Enjoy the game everybody!


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