UFC 190 Main Card preview and predictions

Thirty minutes. Just thirty minutes remain, until UFC 190’s main card will finally begin. Unfortunately, the anticipation is not so high due to the quality of fights. Instead, it is due to the fact that many people want this night to go away. The main event is one of the most annoying squash matches in recent history. That fight is Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia. Why is it happening? Because Rousey wanted it. Go figure, this is one of the few times where she comes across as the more, well reasonable fighter compared to her opponent.

As I mentioned in my prelim prediction post this morning, the prelims are actually very good. The main card, however, has been the target of a lot of scorn. Many fans and “experts” claim that the main card is outdated, washed-up card loaded with depressing bouts throughout, barring the ppv opener.

Truth be told, while the main card is worthy of a lot of the heat, it’s not nearly as bad as many are claiming it to be. The main card opener is terrific, and the rest of the card could yield some solid entertainment, as depressing as it may wind up being. Hopefully, that’s not just wishful thinking.

Anyways, here are my picks for the preliminary portion of the card.

Claudia Gadelha vs. Jessica Aguilar

Prediction: Aguilar via unanimous decision.

Soa Palelei vs. Antonio Silva

Palelei via ko, round 1.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Stefan Struve

Head pick: Struve. Heart pick: Nogueira via submission, round 2.

TUF Finale bouts: Lopes and Moreira

Shogun Rua vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Prediction: Nogueira via unanimous decision.

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship: (c) Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia

Prediction: Seriously? Rousey via whatever she wants, round 1.


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