NFL Week 1 Sunday Night Football: New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys predictions.

Sunday night is football night! Once again, as is often the case, the Dallas Cowboys will be hosting the rival New York Giants on the first Sunday night game of the season.

Each time these two teams play each other, things get unnecessarily hairy. The game is close for about a half, before one team starts to pull away. Then, the trailing team roars back, and it becomes a tossup game. The end result is an incredible thrill ride, both for the fans of each team, as well as NFL fans in general.

This time, I’m expecting something similar. That said, the Giants shouldn’t be in this game. They have zero pass rush with the absence of Jason Pierre Paul, a suspect secondary, and a variety of other questions on both sides of the field.

Meanwhile, the only question for the Cowboys is how they will rebound from losing last year’s bell cow, Demarco Murray. They may struggle early on, but I see them pulling away down the stretch. Tony Romo is finally healthy, and their stable of backs should do a fairly decent job against the Giants defense. The Giants may make it close late, but I see the Cowboys holding down the fort, en route to a home victory. Prediction: Giants 23, Cowboys 28.


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