BREAKING: Holly Holm shocks the world, upsets Ronda Rousey via 2nd round knockout.

The champion has fallen!

After dominating the Women’s MMA stratosphere for years, undefeated champ Ronda Rousey lost to a woman she was expected to dominate in Holly Holm.

It was an upset up there with the likes of GSP/Serra, which many view as the biggest upset in MMA history.

Rousey, who upped the ante by stirring up drama at yesterday’s weigh-ins, showed no class, and got lit up in he opening round. The same occurred in round 2, where, less than a minute it the round, she got head kicked, and was eventually out cold.

Holm, who is viewed as the opposite of Rousey in many ways (fighting style, demeanor, character, etc) overcame huge odds, capped at about +900. She was expected to lose in round 1, but dominated from the opening bell.

This marks a momentous occasion in MMA history, and the sport’s biggest star and villain just succumbed to an opponent she was supposed to dominate.

Satyrday, November 14th (15th in Australia) will be a day that will be forever etched in the minds of MMA fans around the world.

Congratulations to Holly Holm, for doing what many thought was next to impossible.


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