Why the Ronda Rousey backlash is not overboard.

It’s been a full week since Ronda Rousey was eviscerated by Holly Holm in a major upset at UFC 193. However, unlike most major upsets, folks tend to congratulate the champion, and  move one.

Rarely do we have a case where a fallen champion is not only ridiculed, but has to face the fury of various scorned MMA fans and nonfans alike. So, why is this the case?

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of talking about Ronda Rousey, so I won’t delve too deep into it. Instead, here are a few bulleted reasons why I believe the severe backlash she is facing is, well, not understandable.

Simply put, Ronda Rousey is the ultimate contradiction.

  • She talked about being bullied due to her looks and whatnot. Go figure, she then bashed Arianny and other ring girls, called Cyborg an “it,” and started bashing people for the stupidest reasons (lube shaming? Did anyone even know such a thing existed?)
  •  She took various shots at Floyd Mayweather for domestic violence, which is fine. However, she embraced another domestic violator in Mike Tyson, and followed up by dating another one who’s been accused of such actions! When you support others who have been accused and convicted for the same reason why you openly condemn others, you are subject to the scrutiny you will receive.
  • She talked about being humble. Well, for the past few years, she’s been anything but. She became shrouded by her own hype, refused to shake hands with opponents, was ungracious in defeat, surrounded herself with yes-people, and spewed hubris on a consistent basis. For example, she talked about how she could defeat male fighters, and defeat every woman with one hand. Clearly, this was not the case.
  • She talked about how others were fake. Really? After that WWE-esque weigh-in last week, against a woman who’s been nothing but classy and respectable before and since the bout, can anyone say Rousey was not being fake? Even Rousey’s biggest fans cannot justify her actions last week.
  • The media would not stop talking about her. Even ESPN pretended they cared about her. Folks who follow ESPN on social media began to despise her, as well as the network itself. Folks who didn’t care about MMA began to laud her, just to be part of the “in” crowd. People like that are simply shameless, and that helped cause more people to hate Ronda.

These are just a few of the reasons why even I, a person who tries to avoid talking trash and rarely revels in anyone’s loss (barring the New York Giants on occasion) cannot condemn those who are ripping the former Bantamweight queen apart.

I can’t stand folks who constantly spew hubris, start bull for no reason, and are full of themselves. I celebrated after UFC 148, but moreso for Anderson Silva’s victory than Chael Sonnen’s defeat.  This time, I cheered not only for  Holly Holm’s victory, but also Ronda Rousey’s loss. And, just as I did not mind the amount of backlash being spewed in the direction of Ronda Rousey, I will feel the same way if Conor  McGregor falls to  Jose Aldo.


Luckily for McGregor, he is not as highly publicized as Rousey was. Then again, it’s hard to see anyone being held up on a pedestal like she was. Even if he falls, and falls hard, it will not match the universal shade that has been thrown Ronda Rousey’s way.


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